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IOT Apps

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  • Course Price: 5000-/ Rs.

  • Course Duration: 45 Hrs.

  • Course Start: 01 July


 MODULE I- Introduction to IoT

• What is Embedded system

• Difference between Embedded System and IoT

• What is IoT - In-depth explanation

• IoT Applications in different domain

• How large is the IoT Market in different domains?

• Architecture -Protocols

• Project Problem Statement

• Basic Prerequisite • Hardware and Software Requirements

• Hardware and Sensor Selection Criterion • Processing ,Communication

Modules MODULE II-

Sensors and Communication Protocol

• What is Sensor & Actuator?

• What is good sensor?

• Sensor properties.

• Types of sensors used in Project  Sensors Demo

• Introduction to communication architecture- Network protocol stack

• Different protocols Serial Communication  RF, Blue Tooth Communication Channels: GSM/GPRS, 2G, 3G , WiFi,

• MODULE III- Embedded C

 •Difference between Microcontroller and Microprocessor.

• Introduction to AVR Microcontroller.

• Pin Diagram/ Architecture of ATmega8/168/328 Microcontroller.

• C Programming Language.

 •Integrated Development Environments for Microcontroller programming using ARDUINO

 • Practice session to get familiar with Arduino software.

• Basic Interfacing with different components used in Project Building like LED, Switches, Buzzer. etc.• Module wise Interfacing  Analog Sensors Interfacing •Blue Tooth  Wifi


• Mobile Interfacing-Accelerometer Sensor,GPS etc

• Webcam and Mobile Camera Interfacing

• Emails and SMS Integration

• Recognitions- Speech,Face,Sixth Sense-Gesture

• Interfacing with Hardwares- Microcontrollers

• Arduino Tool Box

 Module V- Data-Log on Cloud

• Get/Post data on cloud using PHP

• Data Analysis- Graph of Physical Signals like Temperature,Humidity,Pressure etc

• Open Source Cloud Servers

Course Topics